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Below are links to websites, articles, book, documentaries, other blogs and any other sources of information that I come across that I have found to be helpful, interesting and well researched. 

Please note: This is an ongoing collection that will be regularly updated and enhanced. If you find a link to be no longer viable, please let me know!



Torontovore – Just like it sounds, local eating in Toronto!  Also Torontovore’s sister blog Globe Urban – Food

Local Food Research Project This is a fascinating site that I have only just begun to explore but plan on reading from beginning to end.  

Many more to come when I have a chance to post them…!




Stuffed and Starved: Raj’s blog:  I can’t emphasize enough how brilliant and important Raj’s work is.  If you only read one thing about food, read this. 

Beyond Factory Farming

Seeds of Diversity: People Protecting the Peoples’ Seeds : Seed is our most important resource.  Without seed, there is no food, and without food…  well, you get the picture.  Yet we increasingly are allowing corporations to take control of the knowledge, production and selection of seed.  The importance of seed projects like this cannot be overstated.   



Unhappy Meals – by Michael Pollan.  Pollan presents the idea of ‘nutritionism’ or the ideology of nutrition that now grips North America’s eating patterns.  In brief: we have become obsessed with the ‘nutrient’ content of what we eat, which has paved the way for corporations and processed foods to take over our food system.  Fascinating and important stuff. 


Books: I have so many books to recommend that I am going to set up a separate book page, just as soon as I can figure out how to set one up linking off this page.  For now, a few from the top of my list:

The 100-Mile Diet: A Year of Eating Local – by Alisa Smith & J.B. Mackinnon.  This book was my initial source of inspiration and the book that convinced me to try going all the way with eating local!  (I had been eating around 80% local in the summer, but much less in winter, prior to reading this book)

Fertile Ground – by Janet Haase.  I haven’t read this *yet* but its on the top of my ‘to buy’ list: a book written by a Kingston woman on growing your own food.  I specifically look for locally written books to match what I can accomplish here as much as possible, and am very excited to discover this publication! 

 The Omnivore’s Dilemma – by Michael Pollan.  This book provides a great introductory overview of our food system.  If you want a good a good place to start your reading, this is it.  This link includes the intro & first chapter to this book.  

Stuffed and Starved – by Raj Patel.  I am just  starting to read this one but everyone I know who has read it is singing its praises.  Several professors I know have ordered it as their primary text.  

Bitter Chocolate 

More to come…



Bullshit – by Vandana Shiva

More to come…

5 Responses

  1. Hi

    FYI I’ve added your blog to my list of Locavore Food Links on http://www.torontovore.ca

    You may also find my Food Page at http://www.globurban.com/foodstuff.html interesting.

  2. Thanks Alan! Loved your sites and will add your blog to my list too. Cheers!

  3. Hi,

    You have have a good blog — interesting stuff. I wanted to mention that there is a new site called Greenbeltfresh.ca that would be a good resourse for locavores. It profiles all the farmers markets around the Greenbelt of Ontario and also has a lot of information on locavore and eating local — including a good Chef Jamie Kennedy interview. I would recommend posting for your other readers.


  4. Looking for someone who conducts sheep herding lessons in Barrie. I have a Puli…and she is keen to herd:)


    • Hi Deborah,

      Contact Sue Jewell. She is 10 minutes south of Barrie and does all breed herding: (705) 424-7102, jewell@mcw.net.

      Would love to hear how it goes! Good luck and have fun 🙂

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