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Flea Update

I’ve been going over old posts and comments (trying to catch up at long last!  I apologize if I have not replied to your comment – I do read each and every one of them and greatly appreciate your thoughts!) and was just reminded of my fall flea problem.  I thought I should post the results of my struggle to rid my home of these pests.

I really did struggle with these uninvited guests and got to the point of deciding to simply use chemicals to get rid of them.  I mean, the dogs were all scratching constantly and their coats were becoming dull and dry.  Clearly they were uncomfortable and I had to do something to put an end to it.  So I went to my new vet and asked for a package of some kind of topical flea killing toxin (other than Revolution, which in my opinion is simply too dangerous to put on my animals).  Well, the vet wouldn’t sell me anything without seeing all my pets first!  I simply did not have the time or money at the time, so I booked an appointment a few weeks into the future and went home, frustrated, to comb the internet for other options.

Surprisingly, I came across something that I had not yet read: a short article explaining that you can vacuum up as many as 95% of fleas & eggs if you vacuum regularly!  The trick is that you then have to dispose of the contents of the vacuum.  Otherwise they just re-emerge and re-infest.  Duh!  How simple is that?

I also went to a local feed store and bought a (40lb) bag of Diametaceous Earth, that turned out to be mixed with clay so it made quite a dusty mess. Nevertheless, I sprinkled it all over my floors, couch and bare mattress.  I stripped all bedding and took all dog beds etc. and put them in the shed.  Then I left for two weeks over Christmas.  When I got home I vacuumed the entire house, brought in and washed the bedding, and voila!  So far, no more fleas.

I do expect to see more of the little critters come spring, but I am now prepared with an action plan.  Basically I will simply vacuum regularly and then immediately remove the bag.  As these bags are expensive (and I am trying very hard to reduce my consumption and waste), I put them into my dog meat freezer and re-use them until they are full.  Only then do I throw them out.  But storing them in the freezer (or you can put them outside) kills any adult fleas and prevents eggs from hatching in your house.

This really is a simple way of controlling fleas and I really hope that it continues to work come spring and summer.  I will certainly post on any new developments.

One Response

  1. Have you tried some Borax as well? You can get a 5kg box relatively cheap, they also do not like TeaTree Oil, so spray some into the bag as well.

    Glad you found a great solution, I like it! Your property is probably infested with sandFleas, that happened on a property I was on as well, it is not your fault.
    take care

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