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Almost There!

Another week has flown by.  Again it was a busy one.  Classes went well, marking is never ending, and the end of term is just that much closer.

I once again haven’t done much with respect to food this week.  I have my very basic staples and have been surviving on those: milk, yogurt & cheese that I make, the very last of my bread, the last of my frozen ratatouille, a little parsnip soup, yogurt & frozen berry smoothies.  I also broke down and added a few non-local items to keep at least a little variety in my diet.  Two weeks ago I had lunch at Veg Out in London, which was absolutely amazing.  I ordered a quinoa & avocado salad, and a banana, coconut & date smoothy.  I couldn’t eat them fast enough!  Clearly my body was really craving some of the ingredients in those meals.  So I decided to buy some dates, some coconut milk, a few bananas, some quinoa and a few lemons.  I haven’t made the quinoa salad yet, but the other stuff has been gobbled right up.  Fortunately I was able to find these items in the organic section, and the bananas were fair trade.  The way I devoured them tells me I need to broaden my nutritional intake as I’m clearly not getting enough of something!  So I’ve decided to allow these items into my diet from time to time.  This is added to salt, pepper, olive oil, various vinegars (although I mostly use apple cider vinegar, which is local, and I really want to learn how to make my own wine vinegar as soon as I have a spare moment), rice and a few other cooking basics I use to supplement my stores in winter.  I have to say this has made me a little more peppy, even if it’s just in my mind!

I had planned on spending a few hours this afternoon doing some cooking, but instead I continued to tackle my house.  I have really done a lot of work on it over the last couple of weekends and it’s starting to look quite good.  I have been making a point of being social, going out on at least one weekend evening, and even dating a little.  So I’m getting my house ready to receive and entertain.  Come the end of term (only three weeks away!), I intend on inviting people over for Christmas dinner parties and so on.  I also have a couple of visitors coming to stay for a day or two in early late November & early December.

Through this process of revamping my home, I’ve really become aware of how much our environment is a reflection of our state of mind.  At the same time, the reverse can be true.  So by changing our environment, we can change where we’re at mentally.  Simple, yet complicated.  And very cool.

As such, I’ve also been working hard at turning my bedroom into a real bedroom.  When I moved into this house, I was sharing with a friend.  My bedroom is large, and so I set up my office area at one end of it.  When she moved out, I started to work in the dining room.  Over the last couple of weeks I’ve made this more formal, bringing down my bookshelves and all my books and much of my paperwork.  Having this all in plain sight on the main floor of the house will require that I keep things well organized and tidy, which is a good thing.  And my bedroom is now free of any “work” vibe.  It’s also free of much furniture as well, and that needs to be addressed.  But it’s a clear space that I can now turn into something relaxing. A friend recently pointed out to me how important this is, and I agree.  So one more room to overhaul, and then I’ll be all set to get back to focusing on food and training my dogs.  And given how bored my dogs are, and how empty my pantry and freezer are, this can’t happen soon enough!


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