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Garden Clean Up Time

The sun is shining and things are looking like spring again!  I am about to head out and start working in the garden.  Last week I reseeded the dog yard with pasture mix, which I hope will be tougher than grass, plus has flowers to attract bees, and I clipped back a couple of bushes.  But otherwise I haven’t done anything in my own yard.  So today I am going to go out and clean up my garden beds and plant a couple of rows of lettuce.

Yesterday I picked up a roll of used electronet fencing and put it up off the back porch and around the top part of the yard.  I don’t know why I didn’t think of this sooner.  It cost me $30 and offers 160 feet of instant fencing.  It took me less than 15 minutes to install it.  Plus it is easily moveable (provided that the ground is soft enough to put the posts in) so I can use it in different parts of the property to contain the dogs.  I can also bring it with me to sheepdog trials or when camping, and use it around my camp site.  Brilliant!

I set up the fencing in near my garden beds so that the dogs can be out with me without risk of pestering passers-by, or stepping in my garden and crushing the few plants that are starting to come up.  I’m itching to plant more than just lettuce, but I know that what goes into that back bed needs to be fully mature by end of June, otherwise it won’t get enough sun once the canopy comes in.  But I can also plant some peas.  I planted all my really nice, organic peas from Hawthorn Farm, but I have a package of conventional seeds that I may plant rather than throw out.  I should have ordered more seeds from Hawthorn farm and may do so this weekend, even though it’s a bit late in the season for things like peas.  There’s still plenty of growing to be done.  I have a feeling I may end up planting more than my initial plan of sticking to just salad greens and herbs.  We’ll see if I can control myself…

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