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Transgenic Trout – The Future of Food?

The next time you order trout, keep this image in mind.  Is this what is going to end up on your plate?  To me, this looks more like something out a Margaret Atwood novel than what should be found in a river:

The University of Rhode Island has produced a transgenic trout with substantial muscle development.  These fish have the equivalent of “six-pack abs,” even though fish don’t have abdominal muscles.  They are hoping to get this approved for commercial production.  The goal: to produce more flesh for less cost.  You can read more about this here, or watch this short video interview:

It’s fascinating to me that the question “should we be doing this?” doesn’t enter into the equation.  The only focus and goal here is profit, as clearly stated in the above video.  Why are we not talking about whether this type of research should even be happening?  I, for one, do not want transgenic food.  I don’t want transgenic trout swimming around in rivers.  Why do corporations have the ability to make decisions like this without any input from citizens?  What is wrong with this picture?  Am I the only one who finds this truly horrifying and terrifying?  Surely that can’t be the case.  I suspect most people don’t want to be eating trout that can take on the Incredible Hulk.  Or trangenic food in general – although most of us already are.  We need to be doing something about this.  But what?  How can this be stopped?

I am beginning to think that perhaps the reason people are so apathetic is because we really feel helpless.  Certainly I do, when I look at the above photo.  Or when I read articles about geoengineering, which scares me even more than this fish.  I feel like there’s nothing that I can do to stop this train from going off the tracks.  This doesn’t stop me from trying, but when it comes to these issues, I don’t even know where to start.  If you have any thoughts or ideas, please let me know.


2 Responses

  1. just awful.. I totally agree.. Margaret Atwood novel

    • So what would Atwood call it?



      Whatever, its disgusting. They have moved on from our chickens to our fish. Blech!

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