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Pigs in Need (Guelph)

I have done a lot of rescue work over the years, and have taken in cats, birds, mice, and at least 40 dogs just in the last 5-6 years.  But this is the first time I’ve come across pigs in need!  I am aware that there are many farm animals in need of homes, but as I don’t have a farm and cannot keep a cow or llama in my garden, I am not on those list-serves.  Today, however, I received the following note about a couple of sows in dire straights.  The only people I know who raise pigs, do so to eat them.  Not knowing how else to spread the word, I thought I’d pose them here, just in case someone who reads my blog might know someone who might know someone who can help these pigs.  Thanks for taking a minute to read this:

You may have received an email about these ladies previously, but now the need has become far more pressing and urgent. Without a home/foster home, CeCe and DeDe are being trucked for slaughter this Friday morning. They are absolutely wonderful sows.  They both love being around people, and are affectionate and gentle.  CeCe enjoys nothing more than to grab her daily flake of hay and shake it right out – sending hay flying everywhere! – while she spins in circles, her tail wagging wildly!!  DeDe, being the more reserved of the two, takes mouthfuls of hay and deposits it around her pen, forming a nice bed.  CeCe and DeDe have done their time – they were previously used as breeding sows, and would love nothing more than to enjoy lthe rest of their lives outside of a crate.

They’re still relatively young at approximately 3 years of age.  Although in neighbouring pens, they do not need to be placed together.  They are located in Guelph.

Please contact Kristi: pigstogoodhome@hotmail.com

One Response

  1. Did you try and track down Angela Wisnoski, a farmer? Not sure she wants “pet” pigs (we usually eat her pigs) but they have a pretty nice life prior to making it onto our plates!

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