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Raw Milk Update

I got a liter of milk today from our friendly neighborhood jersey cow, and I’m quite delighted.  I haven’t been able to get fresh milk for several weeks now, having been away, and I have missed it sorely!  I did end up breaking down and buying some organic pasturized milk (which I use to make yogurt with when Miss Jersey is not producing enough for me to both drink and turn into yogurt).  I have a thing for hot chocolate in the winter, and since you have to heat hot chocolate to make it hot, I figure I might as well use already pasteurized milk.  Still, I miss the raw stuff and was pretty  happy to get some this week.  Seasonal dependency on products is something we just aren’t used to dealing with anymore.  When a cow is relying just on hay, her production goes down considerably.  Several families get milk from this particular cow, and I am at the bottom of the totem pole when it comes to priority for this hard to come-by substance.  Really, I should just go without milk  and yogurt this time of year.  Perhaps I could eat sauerkraut or kimchi for breakfast instead, and forgo my morning bowl of soaked oats, nuts, fruit and yogurt (and it’s wonderfully healthy bacterial culture) until the spring grass increases production.  Something to ponder…

In the meantime, it’s six days and counting until the verdict on Michael Schmidt’s Raw Milk case.  Apparently it is being given in a small courtroom in Newmarket, ON.  Interestingly, the police wrote a request to Michael & the “raw milk movement”, asking people showing up to support the dairy farmer to behave themselves.  The courtroom can only hold 66 people and parking is “VERY limited.”  Apparently there is “no other courtroom available with more seating.”  I have to wonder if selecting such a small courtroom was intentional, as it sounds like they expect quite a crowed of protesters.  If I were closer, I’d be one of them!  For more details on this event, Michael Schmidt’s battle to sell raw milk in general, check out The Bovine.


One Response

  1. Hey thanks for highlighting the Michael Schmidt story and for linking to The Bovine. It’s a moooovement!

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