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H1N1 Vaccine Madness – History Repeats Itself

Edited to add: Please be aware that, for liability reasons, healthcare professionals who disagree with this vaccine program are being forbidden by the institutions they work for from voicing their concern.  Specifically, if someone takes their advice and does not get vaccinated, and then becomes ill, they could sue the healthcare practitioner or the institution they work for.  As one side of this story is being silenced, we are not getting a balanced view.  I assume the same is true of the mainstream media.

For additional information on vaccine concerns, here are a couple of links.  The first is an article written by a friend of mine how has a PhD in physiology.  It discusses how vaccines work, and how this vaccine can serve to in fact reduce your immunity to future viruses:


And here is an indepth documentary on vaccines in general:

http://informationliberation.com/?id=13924 (Vaccines: the hidden truth)


Today Canada rolls out it’s largest vaccine campaign in history.  I, for one, will not be lining up.  I am not a fan of vaccines in the first place, and I think this campaign is absolute madness.  Why?  There are many reasons: 1) Over time, they weaken our immune system; 2) they can cause adverse effects ranging from low-level chronic health problems to death; 3) serious adverse reactions occur in at least 1:10,000 people or even more frequently; 4) they can make sick people much sicker; and 5) they contain highly toxic substances such as mercury and formaldehyde.

To begin, our immune systems are our best lines of defence against illness.  For this reason, keeping our immune systems healthy and strong is what we need to be focusing on.  The best way to accomplish this is through plenty of good, fresh food (i.e. organic and non-processed), low stress and plenty of rest.  It is sad that in a country as rich as this, only a very small percentage of the population actually has access to all three of the above.  Most of us lead crazy busy lives where we have to eat on the run, consuming fast food as a result.  We don’t get enough sleep, we’re constantly stressed, and we eat horribly.  And then we get sick.

We see getting sick as a nuisance; it keeps us from being able to keep up with our busy lives.  We refuse to see it as what it really is: our bodies telling us to slow down.  Instead, we turn to drugs to mask the symptoms and push onward.  We end up run down and more susceptible, get sick again, more drugs, and the cycle continues.  It used to be that the average person’s health would start to break down by the age of retirement, or in their 60s.  Today, by the time  most people are in their mid- to late 30s now, they have chronic health problems: irritable bowel syndrome, chronic fatigue, sleep apnea, fibromyalgia (chronic pain and stiffness), anxiety, obesity and the list goes on.

Vaccines add one more layer to the above.  They are being sold to us as a way of avoiding missing a week of work.  Instead, we are to put more chemicals into our bodies.  Don’t worry, they assure us, it’s perfectly safe.  But I have done enough research (over many years, not just since the Swine Flu has been an issue) to be quite convinced of the opposite.  Adverse vaccine reactions occur at a much, much higher rate than the official “1 in a million” chance they advocates of this campaign keep touting.  The discrepancy comes from how they define ‘vaccine reaction.’  Most vaccine reactions are dismissed as not being related to vaccinations.

Before discussing this issue further, let me explain how vaccines work.  The idea is that a small amount of a virus, killed, or modified in such a manner as to ‘inactivate’ it (although sometimes this can spontaneously reverse and it is possible to actually contract the disease from the vaccine) is injected into the body so that the immune system can experience it and develop antibodies and memory cells for this virus.  Then, should we encounter the virus in nature, we are prepare to fight it. The theory sounds good, and some even argue that it follows homeopathic principles. Let me clear that one up – it doesn’t!  Not even close.  But that is another discussion…

Studies have found that when a dead virus is injected into the body, the immune system doesn’t typically respond.  I’m not sure why this is. Perhaps the immune system recognizes that it is not a threat, or perhaps it doesn’t know it’s even there because the main systems of defence (the mucous membranes in the mouth, nose, eyes etc., through which a virus would typically enter the body in a natural situation) were bypassed.  They serve as a sort of alarm system, letting the body know that a virus is trying to get in.  When they are bypassed through injection, the alarm system doesn’t get triggered.

To resolve this problem, an adjuvant is included in the vaccine.  Adjuvants are designed to stimulate the immune system, to pull that alarm so to speak.  The effect is like putting a screw driver in an electric socket.  The body goes from snoozing to a four alarm fire with no warning.  The immune system comes screaming in, ready to attack anything and everything foreign it finds.

This is one of the ways vaccinations can go wrong.  While the intention is that the immune system will attack the injected modified virus cells, there is potential for it to attack other things too.  Many of these viruses are cultivated in tissues of other animals.  While these tissues are of a foreign species, the cell components are the same in all creatures, humans included.  So if, for example, the virus is cultivated in monkey nerve tissue and a very tiny amount of myelin (the fatty protective substance that insulates our nerves so that they can conduct signals properly) ends up in the vaccine, the immune system might find and attack that too.  It may then develop antibodies to myelin, and start attacking the myelin present in our own bodies.  The result is a demyelination of the central nervous system which can lead to paralysis.  In India, as many as one in 300 people who receive rabies vaccines after being bitten by an animal end up with this reaction.

You can find many scientific journal articles about this here if you are interested.  And here is a journal article explaining this phenomenon in dogs presenting symptoms of Gillian-Barré syndrome, the one vaccine reaction officially acknolwedged as possible as a result of the flu vaccine.  Regarding Gillian-Barré, in 1976, 46 million Americans were vaccinated for Swine Flu.  The vaccine campaign was halted after 25 people (“allegedly”) died from reactions to the vaccine.  That’s roughly 1 in a million chance of dying, not just having a vaccine reaction.  4000 other people launched a class-action law suit against the government after being seriously injured by the vaccine, and the government ended up paying out millions of dollars in damaged.  That’s roughly 1 in 10,000 people who were damaged, not 1 in 1 million.  The World Health Organization states that drug reactions in 1 in 10,000 is an unacceptable rate.

And of course this would only represent those very seriously damaged.  Resulting illnesses such as chronic fatigue syndrome and fybromyalgia – still asserted to be fictitious by many in the medical world – that crop up months later don’t even make it into the picture.  Or more subtle yet are resulting mental disorders, such as chronic anxiety.  None of these are attributed to vaccines, at least not in the mainstream literature.  But there is considerable “anecdotal” data out there to at least suggest a very strong correlation, if not prove causation.  We need to be looking more seriously at these issues, but they are completely dismissed in today’s discussion of H1N1.  I have to say I am deeply disturbed by how the CBC is acting as a mouthpiece for this campaign, doing their best to dismiss people’s fears without acknowledging that where there is smoke, there is fire.  I thought good journalism was about presenting both sides, not just the one funded by pharmaceutical companies.

Speaking of which, even the pharmaceutical companies are worried about this vaccine.  They insisted on blanket immunity from any adverse reactions before they would release the vaccine to the government.  The CBC had a discussion on this a few weeks ago, and if I can find it again, I will link it here.  If the company won’t back it’s product, then how can the government be so sure it’s safe?  And why aren’t they making this issue more public?  There used to be 25 or more vaccine companies in the US around 20 years ago, but because of all the law suits from people claiming adverse reactions, most bowed out of the industry. Today there are only 5 companies who make shots, and they won’t stand behind their safety.  Hmm…..

The adjuvant can be problematic in other respects as well.  As I mentioned before, it serves to bring the immune system’s attention to the injected virus.  Now, if your immune system is busy doing something else, perhaps dealing with some acute or chronic illness, and you divert it’s attention, you are in danger of getting really ill.  Your immune system can’t fight more than one battle at a time.  It has been standard practice for years that you never vaccinate someone who is under the weather.  So it baffles me to no end that they are making people with chronic health problems first in line for these vaccines.  I am very concerned that the result will be a lot of very sick or even dead people.  Of course the medical community will attribute this to their previous conditions, and not to the vaccination.  And that may be true, but the vaccine will have weakened their immune system, allowing the previously existing condition to get a stronger hold.

To my great horror, I just learned that a friend with cancer actually received a vaccine while undergoing his chemo treatment!  To me this is absolute insanity.  I know of several cases of dogs who developed very aggressive cancer within weeks of being vaccinated, suggesting a pre-existing condition that their bodies were managing but after the vaccines were no longer able to hold back.  My hope for my friend (and all the other cancer patients receiving this protocol) is that his immune system will be simply too shut down to even notice the vaccine.

Another concern about the vaccine is that evidence has now been found that those who received the vaccine last year are twice as likely to get Swine Flu this year.  Why is this? In a nutshell, we need to get sick to build our immune systems.  Every virus has many proteins on it, and that is what our immune system learns to recognize.  Each new virus will have many of the old proteins, and a few new ones.  The more often we get sick, the greater the diversity of proteins we can recognize and thus the greater the diversity of viruses we can attack and get rid of without getting seriously ill. Being injected with a dead or attenuated virus does not provoke the same immune response.  Vaccines prevent us from getting these illnesses, and thus from developing this broad diversity of memory cells.  A friend of mine who is an immunologist predicted that people who have been previously vaccinated for influenza will be more likely to get sick – and get really sick – in the future, and that is exactly what these studies are now showing.

I could go on and on, but will just raise one more point for now.  Vaccines are preserved with very toxic substances, such as mercury or formaldehyde.  How much of these substances is safe for injection into humans?  Arguably, none.  If you want to learn more about the side effects of formaldehyde, read this.  Now consider if you want that intentionally injected into your body, even in “trace” amounts.

In sum, if you are considering getting a Swine Flu vaccine, or any vaccine for that matter, I strongly encourage you to do a lot of independent research before agreeing to the jab.  Make sure to read sources that are not funded by the pharmaceutical industry, and be acutely aware that doctors today get nearly all of their information from the drug companies.  These drug companies have a great interest in proving that their products work and there is plenty of evidence that they omit studies that prove otherwise.  So do your homework, and if it doesn’t feel right, just don’t do it!  Heck, even Obama is not vaccinating his daughters.  We thankfully live in a country which allows us to make such choices.

Finally, if you are really interested in this subject, click here to watch a very thorough and eye-opening documentary on the subject of vaccines.


6 Responses

  1. Hi,

    I have a 2 year-old daughter and my husband and I have decided to not get her vaccinated… obviously against doctor’s recommandations and family pressures. I am quite certain I have made the right decision for her, but once in a while, especially during an pandemic, I question myself. I would be interested in receiving additional information you may have on vaccinations in general, should you have any. I have bought many books from both schools (for or against vaccination)… but the more information on my side, the better equiped to make the appropriate decisions.

    Thank you,

    • Hi Roxanne,
      Deciding not to vaccinate yourself or your pets is hard enough, the decision not to vaccinate your children must be much more difficult. Most of my research has been on the effect of vaccines on animals, but I’ll see what I can come up with for people. To start, here are two links that you might find interesting. A short article explaining how our immune system works and how vaccines do not create immunity in the way we think (and in fact can lower it); and a video that really had a powerful impact on me:


      http://informationliberation.com/?id=13924 (Vaccines: the hidden truth)

    • I have to say, my kids are 11 and 12 and they always say, “mom, I am so glad you didn’t get us immunized”!! they are admittedly biased, but never the less they are 11 and 12 and have never had any immune problems (or died from the flu)…I so wish I could really accurately calculate vaccines with health for 20 years…..!!!so needs to be done

  2. Our immune cells are not so stupid! that is why they know a killed virus when they see one, immune cells do NOT react to a killed virus, that would be daft, just think logically about what our immune cells have to do…they see millions of “PAMPs” (pathogen activating molecular patterns) per day, that means they always know when something shouldn’t be there. They ALWAYS know when there is a new virus or bacteria or parasite or fungus….that is why humans still exist!, contrary to popular belief, we exist because we can and that does NOT change with vaccines, in fact vaccines make us less capable of dealing with anything!! And vaccines may even cause CNS dystrophy…I will have a blog soon, still researching, but so far, the H1N1 is less severe than any other known viruse known in the last 20 years (besides avian flu, SARS, and west nile….less than 100 people died from all of them), so you do not need a flu shot…to be continued…

  3. PS, your site is so great!! totally great info! how do we teach people??? hm, 30 million in Canada 🙂 lets do this!! we HAVE to educate people!!!!

  4. Thank you so much for this article, as it helped support our decision, not to expose our diabetic son to this very questionable and dangerous vaccine.

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