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The Never-Ending Purge

This afternoon I spent several hours going through the remaining boxes in my room.  I went in there this aft and suddenly realized that I had not done any unpacking in well over a week.  In other words, I had become accustomed to the boxes and chaos, just going into my room to retrieve stuff, or sleep, and spending the rest of my time outside or in other parts of my house.  I really need to work in my room and make one section of it a highly functional office.  Considering the alternative this afternoon was to work on my dissertation, I suddenly found unpacking to be a pleasant pass-time for the heat of the day.

I have now unpacked every remaining box – except my boxes of letters and photos, which are a long-term, winter project.  I sorted through the remainder, all boxes of “stuff” I hadn’t quite known how to categorize prior to packing.  You know, all the minutia of life left over after you’ve packed up the important stuff: random office supplies, a lint brush, old CD-roms & floppies and so on.  Yes, I actually had floppy disks, even though I no longer have a computer with a floppy drive.  Those were easy to get rid of, and so were all the CD software back-ups for my old Dell that died last fall.

By the time I was done, I had filled half a bag of garbage and entire box (to overflowing) of paper for burning this winter.  I actually packed and hauled this stuff?  Wow!  What remains are two boxes of articles and other dissertation related stuff that I *think* I need, and a box of office supplies (paper, file tabs, paper clips, glue, hole punch and so on).  These now sit next to my desk to be sorted as I work.  I have several empty shelves and an empty file-cabinet, plus several nice Ikea boxes and file holders in which to put them all neatly.  But not tonight.  There’s only so much of this sort of thing one can do in a day!

I am not actually sure what I am going to do tonight.  I’m tempted to just sit on the deck and read in this lovely humid evening.  Read a novel, that is.  I haven’t done that yet this summer.  The dogs could use some exercise, but the beach is likely still quite busy even though it’s 7pm.  This has been the first perfect weekend since I moved here: hot, sunny, and calm.  Yesterday the water was hardly moving and swimming was absolutely delightful.  Unfortunately the calm water enticed motorized vehicles and the peace was soon broke by the roar of motor boats and the whine of those dreaded sea-doos (I HATE those things!).  Today there was enough of a chop to keep those things away, thank goodness (do I sound like a cranky old lady or what!)

I might also try and do some cooking tonight as I have a bunch of produce that needs to be used up very soon.  Not sure though… it can probably wait until morning.  I’m currently reading Barbara Kingsolver’s Prodigal Summer, and I think I hear that deck calling me…


2 Responses

  1. Away from the lake, leaf-blowers replace sea-doos. Noisy, polluting tools! Lawn mowers and those edge whippers are close behind.

  2. Oh, we have those nasty things here too! I try and enjoy some peace and quiet on the deck, but all I can hear is lawn mowers most days. I just don’t understand why people put so much time and energy into manicuring lawns, which are huge here in the country. What a waste, not to mention I think wild fields are much more beautiful! We all but a small area around the house completely wild, until the neighbours complain to the landlord who then comes over and cuts the waist-high grass. So far that’s only happened once this year 🙂

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