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Busy Putting Food By

This is getting to be a very busy time of year when it comes to food.  As I have not been growing food this year (other than a few herbs, kale, tomatoes and cucumber), I haven’t had to do a whole lot around food just yet.  But as the local veggies and fruit start to pile up on market stand tables, so my evenings are filling up with food duties.   Every night this week I have spent several hours baking, cooking, canning, chopping and freezing.

It’s really ironic that I spend so much time working on food when I used to subsist on bagels and coffee.  Now I make my own bread, butter, yogurt, sauerkraut and a whole slew of preserved and canned goods.  This pretty much takes over my life this time of year, in fact.  Last night I was up until midnight turning a huge basket of over-ripe peaches into jam.  Well, stewed peaches I guess.  I made some formal jam (raspberry and apricot) but most of my ‘jam’ is made with only adding a little honey and cooking it down.  As such I’ve frozen quite a lot of it: stewed strawberries, raspberries, plumbs and now peaches.  I certainly have more than enough to get me through the winter now.

This week I’ve made several batches of soup: Tangy herb lettuce soup, cauliflower cider soup and a beef stew.  I was going to freeze some but it’s all been eaten, so so much for that!  Mostly I was experimenting with a few recipes, each of which turned out nicely so I will make them again now in bigger batches, and put some of it up for eating later.

I also made some zucchini chocolate chip cookies (not sure I’ll repeat that recipe again), and blanched a dozen ears of corn, cut off the kernels and put them in the freezer.  Oh, and I made four more jars of sauerkraut.

Today I need to do something with a large pile of beans.  I will likely cook and eat them as I bought them on Saturday so the nutritional value is likely fading quickly.  I will get some more and try making wild fermented dilly beans (very yummy!) and perhaps blanch and freeze some for use later.  I also have a big pile of zucchini to use up, yogurt to make, and a fair bit of sour milk that needs to be used in baking.

Right now I need to get down to some dissertation writing, so I’d best be off.


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