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I continue to be remiss in my daily writing, and I apologize – to myself as well as to those who kindly take the time to follow my ramblings.  I really do enjoy writing, but I also enjoy doing, and I’ve been doing quite a bit these days!

Where to start?  I am writing from the deck of my new home, listening to the crashing surf of Lake Erie, only a stone’s throw away.  The house is built into the side of a hill with the deck projecting out a full story off the ground at some points.  The view is beautiful – a valley full of trees with a meandering river.  The house is surrounded by old trees gently swaying and rustling in the wind.  All four dogs have found shady spots on the deck and are napping or chewing on bones, and both cats are perched on the railing, surveying their new kingdom.

Life in East Elgin is indeed lovely.

I am nearly unpacked and mostly settled in.  As a visiting friend remarked, the garden furniture that looked like clutter in my tiny little garden in London now looks welcoming and attractive in this new space.  The deck was the first thing I set up, needing an inspiring place to work.  It’s simply too nice around here to work inside this time of year, especially after having spent the spring months hiding indoors from the throngs of noisy children that plagued the grounds at my old house.

My potted plants are happy as well, but the transplanted ones didn’t fare as well.  Moving is exhausting and many sat waiting for days or longer to be put back into the ground.  My new garden looks pretty sad compared to the one I left, but by next year I’m sure it will be flourishing again.  The location I chose for my vegetables turned out to be largely in shade, so that will probably end up returning to a flower garden.  We’ll see… the kale is hanging in there, but the yield total to date has been a single cucumber!  Good thing my new roommate is an organic farmer and keeps the kitchen stocked with lovely fresh greens and veggies.  I won’t go hungry this year, despite my failed crop, that’s for certain!

Speaking of food, we held a pot-luck dinner party this weekend that was just fabulous.  My roommate’s friends are all organic farmers, and the friends of mine who made the hour trek from London are serious locavore foodies as well.  The feast was outstanding: pastured organic lamb burgers and pork sausages, many fresh organic salads (green, raw carrot, zucchini, potato).  Even the condiments were homemade (pickles, pickled beets, homemade mayo – yum!).  Desert was chocolate zucchini cake and homemade ice cream!  The latter was literally iced cream (pure cream, fresh from the cow) with sugar and vanilla.  It was made in an old fashion ice cream maker, complete with ice and rock salt.  I’ve never tasted ice cream so delicious!

I’ll post photos just as soon as I unpack the cable for my camera.  Ok, so I’m not totally settled in…!


2 Responses

  1. Congrats on getting moved in, and I hope things settle down even further quickly!

  2. Thanks! Having gotten rid of about half my belongings, settling in is happening much more quickly this time 🙂

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