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Still Thinking About Food

I realize that I haven’t written much about food these days, so just a brief update.  I am still sticking to my local eating as best I can.  I continue to bring only local food into my house, but for the last several months have eaten out way more than I meant to.  It’s a slippery slope; with so much going on it’s hard to find time to cook, or in my case, the energy to do so.  My life sped up over the last few months, and now I have to slow it down again.  I don’t want to live fast, and I certainly don’t want to eat fast.

At the end of a very intense moving day on Friday I remembered that I had a flat of strawberries in my fridge, waiting to be put in the freezer.  One more day and they’d only be good for jam.  I thought about it for a minute, then decided that I wouldn’t have time to make jam anytime soon, so best just sit down and take care of business.  So at 11pm, I washed and hulled a flat of strawberries and got them into the freezer.

I wasn’t good for much on Saturday, let me tell you!

I’ve moved a good portion of my garden to my new house, but I don’t think I’m going to get much of a yield this year.  I do have three tomato plants in pots that are going well, and a couple of my kale plants survived the trip and the rabbits and are a decent size.  I have some lettuce in a planter that has sprouted, but won’t be ready for probably three weeks.  It will be hard to leave behind the fabulous lettuce path I have going here, but I don’t think full-grown lettuce transplants well.  Besides, some of it is starting to bolt.  Best to just invite all the  neighbours to help themselves before the property managers plunk patio stones over them (yes, that’s what’s in store for my lovely little garden – *sniff*).

My peas are yielding well, and I’m excited that they started to produce before I left.  They are growing along the fence line with my neighbour, so we will shift the fence an inch (chicken wire) so they can keep them safe from the grounds keepers.

I’m going to try and transplant my garlic, but I suspect it won’t go well.  Since it will simply be cut down if I don’t, I figured I’d might as well try.  I have also already cut down my grape vine and my wisteria – both of which had extensive vines covering my privacy fences – and will move them in the next couple of days.

I was really delighted to discover that my new roommate and her parents finished re-claiming the garden beds around the new house, something I wasn’t sure I had the energy for.  Now I can just plunk my transplants into the ground and voilà!  Instant garden.

I moved my freezer on Thursday, putting all the frozen food (mostly meat) into boxes to be carried upstairs to the fridge freezer.  I had been eating down the contents for several months so that there wasn’t too much left.  The problem was that the fridge freezer was still quite full.  I had to run out, got distracted, and forgot about the frozen food in boxes.  I came back from delivering a van load of stuff to my new house to discover that many things had thawed.  Well, that simplified things that’s for sure!

I ended up throwing out everything in the upstairs freezer.  It was mostly veggies, and since we are back to fresh veggie season I knew I would never eat them.  So out with the old, now there’s lots of space for the new!  I put the still frozen meat in the small freezer, and delivered the thawed meat to my neighbours who have a large family.  Yesterday they had a big bar-b-q and invited me to join them.  I brought as much lettuce as I could pile into my largest bowl, and we had quite  feast.

I am going to toss all my old preserves as well.  Again, out with the old to make room for the new.  Why eat old, heavily boiled food if I can eat fresh stuff?

Speaking of which, I am toying with the idea of trying an all raw diet for a few weeks, to see if I feel any better.  I still suffer from chronic fatigue and a lot of chronic pain – this move has made it clear to me that I am still very limited in my ability to push myself.  I don’t ever want to go back to the crazy, insanely busy lifestyle I used to lead, but I would at least like to be able to push myself in healthy ways, like doing a lot of gardening (eventually farming) or some back country hiking trips.  I’m healthier now that I’ve been in years, but still right now I just couldn’t do it.

Once settled, I am going to do some research into eating raw and am very curious to see what I come up with.  Which reminds me, tonight I need to make another batch of sauerkraut, a tasty and healthy way to preserve food raw.


6 Responses

  1. I hate when things get busy and I get off track, but it sounds as though you’re managing things well and have them under control. It’s such a shame about the left-behind veggies and especially paving the garden, but I’m looking forward to hearing about how life shapes up in your new home (not to mention envious!)

    • Leaving the garden was tough, but when I came over the day after moving out I discovered that the kids had eaten anything edible and the neighbours had dug up anything I left behind! I have to post photos of the aftermath – it looks like a war zone! But all my plants found new homes, so I’m happy. The few I brought with me are recovering from their transplants. They’re not happy but I think they’ll pull through!

  2. Certainly sounds like you’ve been pretty busy. I have a friend who suffered with chronic fatigue. Her doctor suggested regular bedtime and waking schedule and not eating too close to sleeping. I swear by it! For the pain, I believe there are certain foods to avoid for certain types of pain. You should check into it!. I think a raw diet is a wonderful idea. Unfortunately I don’t have that kind of willpower. 🙂

    • I don’t think I’ll be able to do the raw thing either, at least not now. The more I look into it the more I think I won’t have the will power at this point in my life. But I do try and eat as much raw as I can, and everything else is pretty healthy these days too. One thing I have read is that raw milk helps with chronic fatigue and chronic pain, and I now have access to that (shhhh… don’t tell anyone!). But I do need to figure out what else may be bothering me and cut it out. Certainly alcohol, caffein and sugar affect me negatively, but I know there are other things that probably don’t help. I’ll be sure to post anything I come up with!

  3. i was really great talking with you today…i usually don’t get time to chat about agricultural issues because i am so busy

    i was hoping you would link mcsmiths as a source for local organic food


    thanks cathy mcs

    • Hi Cathy – yes, it was really great talking with you! Thank you so much for spending all that time with me and giving me the tour of your farm. I would love to chat more and will definitely be coming by for more eggs soon and some meat as well!

      As for links, I put your farm under my ‘local food resources’ page, and also in the links on the right under Eat Local! Cheers!

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