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Catching up… again!

Once again, life has been too busy to allow me to write regularly in this blog.  I’ve been trying to post a few interesting links in the interim, but I really hope to get back to regular blogging soon!  I quite enjoy writing here and miss doing so when things get too hectic.  

So what’s keeping me busy?  Well, the academic semester ended last week, and along with it all of my part-time work.  Knowing that was coming to an end, I had been picking up as many shifts as possible in an effort to put aside a little cushion for the summer until I find new work.  I’ve also been taking a course on teaching theory and method, which meets twice a week and has a fair bit of prep work required for each class.  Then of course there are the dogs, who need regular exercise, training and quality time.  And finally, there’s the garden and all my seedlings which require daily fussing and care.  

Today I forgot to open my little green house before taking the dogs for a run.  By the time I got back, it had heated up sufficiently to dry out a lot of them. When I opened the front flap, half my seedlings had keeled over. I have watered them deeply and am hoping most will bounce back.  Still, not good for their vitality!  It’s a good thing I don’t have to depend on these for food, or I’d be in big trouble.  Then again, if I did depend on them, perhaps I’d take better care of them!  Fingers crossed they’ll all bounce back.

Now that the weather is really warming up, I am focusing on eating through the last of my food stores in anticipation of spring crops.  Rick Cornelissen of Eco-Logic did a surprise delivery this past weekend because his greenhouses were overflowing.  My fridge is now full of fresh, local greens that I have been eating as fast as I can!  I also have quite a little herb collection going now which adds to the feeling of spring in the air, and in my tummy.

Some really good news: I have found a wonderful new place to live. I’m going to be moving south of London to shared house on the shore of lake Erie.  My new roommate is even more dedicated to sustainable eating and living than I am, and I really look forward to sharing her home.  The house is lovely with a good size property around it.  Part of the property is fenced, which will be great for the dogs to be out in when I’m not with them.  I can’t wait for them to be able to be outside a lot more than they presently are.  And there’s a wonderful deck on which I anticipate doing a lot of writing over the summer.  And when it gets too hot to work, we’ll be about a 10 minute walk from a lovely beach!  Really, what more could I ask for?  Ok… space for sheep and chickens, but that’s the next step.  This is a wonderful location for us for the next year while I finish my degree.

Speaking of which, with all the business, the dissertation has not progressed as quickly as I’d like and I have set a goal to finish my ethics proposal today.  So time to get down to work!  Until later…


2 Responses

  1. Such good news! I am really pleased the house situation is sorted. This sounds ideal – space for dogs and you. How did you find it?

  2. Glad to here that things are starting to come together for you! Now that you know where you are going, and that the dogs will also have a good home, I hope you’ll feel a little more settled for the coming year 🙂
    best wishes

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