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What Does This Mean Indeed?

I have received some interesting feedback from sharing this video. One comment, which also struck me, was that this definitely highlights some “American hegemonic angst.” But it also raises the question: Just because we can do it, should we?  Why do we need $1000 computers that have more computational ability than the entire human race? What exactly do we need to do with this? What problems need to be worked out with such capacity, other than those we are creating ourselves in the process?  Is this where we need to be putting our resources?  Will it really help solve the problems of today?

I also ponder what it means to create more information than we have over the last 5000 years? Exactly what information are we talking about? Is it useful? Is it really distinct? What about knowledge? While we are generating information exponentially, we are arguably losing knowledge at a tremendous rate as one single knowledge system becomes increasingly hegemonic and colonizing.

It is not coincidental that the video highlight the role of education as central to all of this.  It should also highlight the role of corporations.  Sure we have all this information now, but we can no longer feed ourselves or survive without machines and corporations.  

Is this really progress?  Are our lives actually better because of this?  What have we gained?  What have we lost?  Finally, this video suggests we are in a frantic race, but where exactly are we racing to? And against? And who exactly is at the steering wheel? Does anyone even pause to ask?  

Just because we can, should we?  We  need to start thinking these things through…now!


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