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Keep Terminator Seeds Out of Canada – Actions You Can Take

Life is still crazy busy but things really should slow down after this week (really, I swear – at least they had better because I’m exhausted!).  After that I hope to write more regularly, and post the photos I’ve been taking of my garden and so on!  In the meantime, I received the following today and thought I’d repost it here to help with circulation.  Terminator technology has very, very worrisome potential and is yet another move by multinationals to make us dependent on them for food.  

Keep in mind the observation by Henry Kissinger: “Who controls the food, controls the people.”  Are you comfortable with Monstanto controlling you?  If not, please take action as listed below.


[as posted to PlanetVolunteer http://PlanetVolunteer.net ]

Keep Terminator Seed out of Canada – actions you can take 

Bill to Ban Terminator Re-introduced! Ask the Prime 
Minister to support Bill C-353 “Terminator Seed Ban Act” 

Send an instant email http://www.cban.ca/terminatoraction 
— See below for a full list of actions you can take. 

What is Terminator? Terminator Technology genetically 
engineers plants to produce sterile seeds at harvest. It was 
developed by the multinational seed/agrochemical industry 
and the US government to prevent farmers from re-planting 
harvested seed and force farmers to buy seed each season 
instead. Terminator seeds have not yet been field-tested or 
commercialized. In 2006, Monsanto bought the company 
(Delta & Pine Land) that owned Terminator. Terminator is 
sometimes called Genetic Use Restriction Technology 
(GURTs) – the broad term that refers to the use of an 
external chemical inducer to control the expression of 
a plant’s genetic traits. 

Member of Parliament Alex Atamanenko (NDP) has 
reintroduced his Private Members Bill (C-343) to ban 
the release, sale, importation and use of Terminator 

Actions you can take: 

1. Send an instant email at 

2. Organizations can endorse the call for a ban: 
go to http://www.banterminator.org/endorse 

3. Write a personalized letter. Remember: postage is free 
to your elected officials! You can use your postal code to 
search for your MP at http://www.parl.gc.ca (Note: The 
New Democratic Party and the Bloc Québécois already 
support a Ban on Terminator in Canada.) For more 
information see http://www.cban.ca/terminator 

4. Distribute Ban Terminator postcards in your community! 
To order postcards email btpostcards@usc-canada.org 

5. Donate to support the campaign — the Canadian 
Biotechnology Action Network implements the Canadian 
strategy of the International Ban Terminator Campaign 

6. Sign up to Ban Terminator news 

See also April 17, 2009: Terminating Food Sovereignty in 
Ecuador? President opens door to Terminator seeds 

For more information: http://www.cban.ca/terminator 
or http://www.banterminator.org

One Response

  1. I did it! Thanks for making it easier to send the email – I just clicked, fully read it and sent away! Such important stuff – damn Monsanto.

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