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Buy Sustainable Challenge

I haven’t written much lately because I’ve been just so darned busy.  Way, way too busy. Of course when I get busy I get run down and then my energy levels start to falter, which is beyond frustrating.  But it also forces me set limits and priorities.  As such, as much as I love writing in my blogs, they sometimes have to take the back burner so that I can stay sane.  Hopefully this will all settle down after the end of the month, as then my part-time jobs all end and I should have a lot more time.

One thing I find is that when I get overwhelmed with work and life, I start to get really irritated by all the STUFF I have around the house.  As much as I have been wanting to declutter my life, I have  not made the progress I had hoped to by now.  I have indeed gotten rid of some things, and organized some corners and nooks, but for the most part, my house is a disaster because I just have too much crap!  

Instead of getting upset by this frustration, I embrace this mindset and harness the energy it creates to get back to my ‘un-stuffing’ process.  To inspire me I decided to catch up Unstuffed, which I haven’t had time to read in a while (I haven’t had time to ready anything for pleasure for the last few weeks!).  Much to my delight, Amber has a new link in her side-bar, encouraging people to Buy Sustainable.  I liked what I read and am trying to find a way to put this up on my blog.  I’m not very technically savvy so this may take a few tries.  In the meantime, I thought I’d bring your attention to it here. So here you go!

Please take a minute and read the details behind this concept (you should be able to just click on the image above, but you can also find the info here).  

I’ve been doing my best to live this way for a while now, but I do slip up  more often than I’d like.  I am happy to have this challenge to get me back on the straight and narrow!  

Oh, and before I sign off, Happy Earth Day!


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