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Near Disaster

I had to proctor and exam at 8:30 this morning, which meant getting up pretty early by my standards.  My morning (and evening) routine is quite lengthy now, and I need close to two hours from the time my feet hit the floor to when I can actually head out the door.  So I set my alarm for the first time in a long time last night, and tried my best to go to bed early.  

I awoke to the morning news, not always the best way to wake up.  I don’t remember the details of what was on this morning, but I do remember my brain tuning into the weather forcast… “London, still not above freezing but will warm up considerably later today…”

Not above freezing? CRAP!!!!  I left all my seedlings out last night because I thought it wasn’t supposed to freeze.  I was definitely awake  after that.  Darn, darn, darnit! (well, actually I used a different word…), was all I could think as I hustled downstairs to check out the potential catastrophy. I was envisioning 85 dead seedlings and having to start all over again.  I wondered if I would have the energy to do so, or if it was even worth it.  I still don’t know what the heck I’m doing with my life, and I’ve been feeling so incredibly overwhelmed and down this past week, that I really wasn’t sure if I would have the energy – or desire – to start over.  

Very fortunately, everything survived.  Well, a few of the seedlings had toppled over from what looks to be damping off (my soil is too moist).  But everything that had already sprouted looked perky and green despite the chill.  Really the only things that have sprouted so far have been my tomatoes, lettuce and kale. I noticed a few other little tinsy weensy shoots coming up in one or two other pots, but most remain dormant so far.  

So it seems that the little greenhouse I have keeps the environment at least a few degrees warmer than its surroundings.  Thank goodness!  It was cold enough out last night for everything to be covered in frost, but the inside of the greenhouse was just damp and moist.  

I’ll be brining my seedlings in tonight, regardless of the weather forcast!


2 Responses

  1. HI! My mom has a base (like for your bread) for a fermenting cake (Amish Friendship Cake). When you make the cake itself, you add whatever flavouring to it that you like (chocolate, cranberries etc.). Would you like me to get you some of the starter?

    Angela (Ruthie is my pen-name for the blog)

  2. Oh, yes please! That sounds wonderful. And really, what’s one more living item to care for in my house at this point? Ha ha!

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