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Well, it’s that time of year again: time to start my seedlings.  Actually, I should have started my tomato seedlings about a month ago, so I may end up purchasing some from the City Farming Project at the London Market come May, just to be sure I have tomatoes that ripen in time this summer.  I did the same thing last year (ie. started my seedlings late) and ended up with a lot of green tomatoes at the end of the season (but it was a cold summer…).  

I think I am about right for many of the other items I started: lettuce, kale, beets, herbs, mustard, peppers and so on.  Other veggies, like carrots, need to be planted directly in the soil, which I will do shortly.  I got my peas in two weeks ago, and will do a second planting this week, when I get home from visiting my family over Easter.

I am using the wonderful guide “Fertile Ground” by Janette Haase, now formally published as the paperback “From Seed to Table.” (I have the self-published, spiral ring version).  This book breaks down gardening in a month by month “what and how to do” format.  It also has a wonderful colour coded schedule displayed to show you what to plant each month.  So I followed what she recommended I start in April.  I have plenty more seeds waiting for the warmer months!

While planting all these seeds, which I did by hand, one at a time and three to each pot, I watched the entertaining, informative and well worth-watching documentary King Corn.  In the film, two friends move to Iowa to grow an acre of corn, which they plant in 18 minute using large machinery – all 31,000 seeds!!  How ironic, I thought, as it took me roughly 6 hours over three evenings to plant my 250 odd seeds.  

While I have my lovely little greenhouse to let them sit out in the sun all day, the small space it provides dose not maintain any heat one the sun goes down, so they must come inside.  As such, the seedlings have once again taken over my house!  Since I have a roommate this year who is living in the south bedroom, the seedlings have to be propped around the only other south windows we have: in the kitchen.  Fortunately I can put them out each morning, along with the cats.  But otherwise, this is what my kitchen is going to look like over the next few weeks!

Yes, this is my kitchen sink:


2 Responses

  1. I love King Corn! Such a comedic documentary – they don’t usually have a humourous aspect to them. I know many a gardener who have similar scenes in their houses right now too. The things we do to grow our own veggie eh! 🙂

  2. Yes, you’re right about the humor component. I think that’s why I enjoyed the documentary so much. And as for the seedlings, what’s a kitchen if it’s not covered in one food project or another?

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