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100 Mile Diet: The Reality Show (!)

The 100 Mile Challenge TV show was just brought to my attention, and it premieres today on the Food Network at 8pm tonight (Eastern Time).  You can find details here.  

I read the book The 100 Mile Diet in 2007, which served as my incentive to shift to a completely local diet.  I had already been eating around 80% local during the summer, but this book inspired me to go 100% all year round.  The authors of the book are the hosts of this show, so it should be a fun watch.  

I unfortunately have to work tonight, but hopefully someone can record it for me (my VCR – yes, I still use a VCR – is over 20 years old and doesn’t record channels higher than around 18 or 20).  Enjoy!


2 Responses

  1. Thanks for the tip! Just managed to catch the last half of the show. I do still have a VCR but it’s only set up to play, not record. I’ll check and see if the show’s available online and let you know.

    The stress that most of the families encountered seems to be related to lack of spices (salt, pepper, sugar, etc), bread, and cooking skills.

    I see nothing wrong with using spices that need to be imported from across the globe. The spice trade has been part of our culture for generations. Sweeteners are easily available from local honey and in North America, maple syrup.

    Grains can be grown most places, but the industrial agriculture model with it’s subsidy system has dis-encouraged mixed farming within local communities.

    Gardening and cooking skills need to be introduced back into primary education. If they’re not available at home, then they need to be added to the school curriculum.

    We’re heading into turbulent times and food self-sufficiency is needed for our children to survive

  2. Al – I agree with you about the spices. This is something I debated long and hard early on, and decided that spices and a few other items were ok, as long as I sourced them from Fair Trade producers. After all, as you point out, we have been trading spices for not only generations, but nearly a millenia! The spice trade to the UK (my predominant ethnic heritage) can be traced back to the 1100s. Hard to undo a thousand years worth of culinary practice. And I’m not against trade – I just believe it must be done fairly and sustainably.

    As for the lack of cooking skills, that is a whole other ball game! We have been systematically (and very intentionally) de-skilled for several generations now, by the corporate impulse. This is definitely something that needs to be change. Re-learning lost skills is paramount if we want to gain food sovereignty.

    I understand they have this show up as webisodes, so I’m hoping to be able to watch it. Thanks for the update!

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