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This & That

What a hectic few weeks I’ve just had.  I’ve been having to work very late (until 2am sometime) and get up relatively early, and had become extremely sleep deprived.  The last couple of nights I really don’t know how I made it through my night shifts.  Probably because they were so busy that I didn’t have time to feel tired.  I have been having a really hard time sleeping well because of going to bed so late after such intense days, and also sleeping on a very uncomfortable little cot (with the thaw my basement is damp again so I can no longer sleep down there).  But last night I guess I was so exhausted that I slept really well for the first time in weeks.  Boy does that feel good!

Today I have a million things to get caught up on: grading essays, cleaning my house, cooking up a bunch of stuff that is going to go bad in my fridge, and getting the dogs out for some quality exercise to name just a few.  I am going to start with taking the dogs out as it’s beautiful and sunny out and we’re supposed to get rain later , or at least by tomorrow.  

Every time I step outside I look longingly at my garden, wanting to get working on it.  I have been holding back for two reasons.  First, the leaves and other dead matter are protecting the new shoots that are starting to push up through the soil, and since we still are experiencing below freeing weather, I don’t want to remove that ground cover just yet.  And second, I still don’t know what I’m doing for the summer and don’t want to put energy into getting my garden going if I am going to be moving.  I should know one way or another by next week, so the garden can wait.  My roommate is going to be the deciding factor: if she is staying for the summer, than so am I.  Much as I would like to relocate, nothing has come together yet in terms of either a job or a place to live, and I hesitate to give up my house and what little stability I have until I have something else to move to.  I do believe that when it’s right, things are easy.  Right now no easy option has presented itself so I take it that I am to stay put.  For now.  And to be honest, the thought of staying here for the summer comes as a big relief.  The very idea of moving exhausts me right now.  So I hope that my roommate decides to stay (this is contingent on her summer job options).

The only catch to staying put is that I still haven’t found a place to train on sheep.  This is really breaking my heart, especially since I still have my foster puppy, Kestrel.  She is getting close to being old enough to start training, so now I have three fabulous dogs in need of sheep.  If only I could find a sheep farm that would allow me to come and train in exchange for doing chores!  I have been putting out feelers where I can, but so far, no luck.  

Life sure is being difficult to move forward these days!!  I wonder why that is, what lesson I’m supposed to be learning.  Patience?  To focus on getting my degree done?  That certainly would make life easier.  But I still have another year’s worth of work to do, and I can’t have my dogs sit around and rot.  Hannah’s fully trained and in her prime and they don’t have very long lives.  A year is like 7 years to them.  Everything else can wait, but I do need to find a place to train.  Hopefully the universe will at least grant me that.

Well, off for our morning walk.  I’ll leave you with a couple of pictures of the dogs since I haven’t posted any in a while…

Hannah doing agility:

Here Hannah stopped dead at the end of the tunnel and glared at me, as much to say, put the darned camera away and focus on training!!! (I complied)

And here are a few of Miss Kestrel.  Remember that little pudge ball I brought home from the pound a couple of months ago?  She’s now a gorgeous, sleek athlete.  It’s amazing what a healthy, raw diet and plenty of exercise can accomplish.  Not only has her skin cleared up and her fur grown in but her whole body shape has changed!  She no longer has a sway back, and instead has a nice athletic frame.  And as an added bonus, she has good bladder control now and no longer pees every time you try and pet her.  It was this lack of bladder control that the pound was going to euthanize her for, yet it was due to poor muscle development from not having any exercise.  Poor puppy!! Thank goodness I was able to take her in!!!

Here Kess is playing with my dad’s dog, Magic:

Here you can see the dramatic change in her structure.  Two months ago, she had a sway back, absolutely no muscle and a pot belly!  Check out the pictures I took of her two months ago here.  Now look at her:

Happy puppy!!


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