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Found My Camera!!

Just a quick post tonight to put up a couple of photos as I finally found my camera!  It was in the pocket of a jacket I have no memory of wearing since last fall, but apparently I must have put it on during one of the warm days we had a couple of weeks ago.

Ok, so here’s the difference between the sourdough starter that I managed to revive (on the left) and the one sleeping under a layer of hooch (right):

Now that I have my camera again, I will take some pictures of my starter before and after I feed it.

Tonight I baked my latest batch of bread and was much happier with it than any to date.  To begin, it rose really well and didn’t collapse when I took it out of its proofing bowl.  I suspect this is because I used more vibrant starter (I am feeding it every day, sometimes twice) and also I used the mixing technique I linked to in my last post.  It seemed to make the dough must stronger, keeping it together when I moved it around before baking.  Finally, the bread actually is BROWN.  Yipee!!!  I made sure to bake it within a couple of hours of proofing, and that certainly does seem to make a difference.

I find the crust is still a bit soft and the inside was almost too moist. I will see how it is in the morning.  I am thinking that perhaps I should have baked it longer.  I can’t believe how long it is taking me to figure this all out!


2 Responses

  1. Those loaves look beautiful!

    I’m not great with bread but my first thought with your description was the same as yours “maybe it needs a longer baking”…

    So keep trying (then I can live vicariously bread baking through you).

  2. Thanks! I am really happy with how my bread is turning out these days. It really is an art as much as a science. I will stick with sourdough for a little longer, then, once I am sure I really know what I’m doing (more or less) I will try other types of bread. My sister-in-law gave me the recipe for her out of this world bagels. But that’s a whole other project, probably one that will have to wait until after I move… Cheers!

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