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Back in Niagara

Friday the 13th was indeed an unlucky day in my family this month.  My mother tripped while going up a flight of concrete stairs, and broke her arm in the fall.  I have come home to help out around the house and with anything she needs while she adjusts to operating with one hand.  It’s tough to see my very energetic and capable mother struggling to just put on her coat.  It’s tougher to see how much pain she is in, not from the break but from having thrown her back out by the impact.  Massage therapy did little to help today, so tomorrow she’s going to try osteopathy.  I have also been giving her homeopathic arnica, and kicking myself for not having advanced further in my studies in homeopathy.  Treating this kind of injury is complicated and beyond my abilities.  

Packing up my car to come home for the week was quite a challenge.  First, I had to fit four dogs into 3 crates.  I still have my foster puppy, who is blossoming into a really lovely dog, but continues to need time to heal emotionally and physically from her past life.  She got to rid in Mira’s small crate and I crammed Ross and Mira into one of the bigger ones, and Hannah in to the third.  The cats had to come too, as I didn’t have time to make other arrangements.  They each travel in separate crates to keep the peace.  Then came all my dissertation stuff (books, computer etc.), clothes, dog beds, dog towels (it’s supposed to rain this week), and food.  Lots of food.  I think I brought four bags of food with me.  Food for the dogs, and food for me.

Seeing as I have several food ‘pets’, they all had to come along with me as well: sourdough starter, yogurt, and sauerkraut.  I don’t think my sauerkraut survived the trip though, as it is no longer making gas or bubbles.  I also brought any food that would have gone bad: milk, some veggies, freshly baked bread (my freezer is packed with my sourdough attempts) and so on.  At least I have plenty of ingredients to make some healthy meals for my mother!

While I’m here, I should make a point of re-stocking a few items I’m low on, such as nuts (from Grimo’s Nut Nursery).  It looks like its going to be a busy week however, full of appointments and so on. Oh, and some dissertation work as I have another deadline looming at the end of the week.

Just an aside, my sourdough starter has gone flat, and even several days of feeding did not revive it well.  I’m not sure what to do, but am going to try to wake it up again with a lot more food this week.  I should have fed it tonight, now that I think of it, as I left it out on the counter.  I’m a bad mom – just too many mouths to feed these days!  Best go do that before turning out the lights…


2 Responses

  1. Your poor mom! I am sure it’s hard on her. My mother broke her arm twice, if you recall, both times due to the ice, so I can imagine. Please pass on our sympathies.

  2. Hi Barbara! I didn’t realize your mum broke her arm twice!! Ouch! My mother is doing much better now, although I haven’t spoken with her in a couple of days now. But when I left Niagara she was doing well and starting back to work. Thanks for your concern – she appreciated the well wishes.

    By the way, I understand you will be coming home for Easter. I should be able to come for a visit if you have time, so do let me know your schedule (or have your mum tell mine) once you’ve worked things out. It would be great to catch up!

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