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More Upcoming Events in Southwestern Ontario

The following events were posted on the Waterloo Regional Food Roundtable website under their events section.  Lots of fun stuff coming up, especially the fermenting food workshop! (item #4, below):

1) Organic Council of Ontario (OCO) Meeting on Ontario Organic Regulation
February 4th 1-4 pm, OCO Office, 5653 Highway 6 North, Guelph

Organic production in Canada will soon be regulated by federal legislation. Many people within the organic community welcome this move from a voluntary system to one governed by regulation and enforceable by law. They believe that we need to protect the consumer from fraudulent use of the word “organic”. Some operators in the province has voiced the opinion that certification should not be imposed on anyone.

The Organic Council of Ontario would like to hear the views of both sides and explore the common ground. You are invited to a meeting to deal exclusively with this issue. Everyone is welcome. If you are unable to attend, but have a view that you would like to have heard at the meeting you can email your comments to Kim Thorne at kim@organiccouncil.ca. Please circulate this invitation to your contacts. To register: contact info@organiccouncil.ca or 519-827-1221.

2) Community Movements: Food Sovereignty and the Changing Face of Agriculture
February 6 – 8, 2009, Trent University, Peterborough, Ontario

An exchange of views on global food systems and what needs to happen to strengthen capacities of those actively engaged with it. For more information, see: http://www.trentu.ca/stuorg/said.

3) Habitat Gardening: Bringing the Landscape to Life
Thursday February 12, from 7:00 pm to 9:00 pm, rare,1679 Blair Road in Cambridge

Your garden can feed your soul and at the same time provide food, shelter and water for a diverse community of fellow creatures. Be prepared to get your hands dirty, as we will be seeding an assortment of plants which you can take home with you to grow and plant out in early spring. Space is limited for this event so please reserve your space early so as not to be disappointed. Register by Tuesday, February 10, 519-650-9336. Cost: $10.00 (rare event card holders $5.00) This fee covers the cost of seeds and planting materials. Each participant will take home a seeded flat.

4) Fermented Foods
February 21, 1-3 pm, Little City Farm, 508 Duke St, Kitchener

Let your taste buds tingle! Discussion will cover background on fermenting foods, how and why to ferment foods, health benefits, and a spectacular taste testing of various lactic acid ferments. Workshop participants will prepare colourful multi-vegetable sauerkraut as part of this interactive session. Led by Jackie McMillan, who recently completed an intensive week-long workshop on Fermentation, Food Culturing & Medicine Making at the Algonquin Tea Company. Pre-registration required: info@littlecityfarm.ca or call 519-575-9174.

5) Starting Seedlings at Home
March 21, 1-3 pm, Little City Farm, 508 Duke St, Kitchener

It’s time to get the garden started! Enjoy a few hours with your hands in the dirt, learning about how and when to start various seeds, germination success, transplanting, soil mixes, organic techniques, where to purchase seeds, and more. Participants will take home sample seedlings for their own garden. Sponsored by Farmers Growing Farmers, a program of Everdale Organic Farm and Environmental Learning Centre. Led by Angie Koch from, who is a local organic farmer with Fertile Ground CSA and is also a vendor at the Kitchener Market. http://www.fertilegroundcsa.com/


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