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Time to Think about Seed!

Really I should be sleeping, but night seems to be the time I can catch up on a lot of things I wish I could get done during the day but can’t.  Tonight I have been catching up on some of the research I’ve done this week, and a couple of the talks I’ve attended (I really must do a write up here for each!).  

In my “must attend to now” pile of papers I came across the seed catalogue for Hawthorn Farm.  I picked this up directly from Kim at the Guelph conference on Friday.  I bought many of my seeds from her last winter, and was extremely pleased with the results.  Everything germinated beautifully into strong, healthy plants.  And I know everything she produces is organic in the true, deep, philosophical sense of the word.  Plus, as she lives an hour north of me, I know that anything she can grow there will do well here!  I really hope to make up for a visit this year – the farm looks so lovely in the photos.  

I just browsed through the catalogue and easily found 20 varieties of seeds I would like to purchase.  I am torn about joining the CSA again this year.I believe firmly in the concept and was beyond delighted with my experience last year.  However, I did end up composting probably as much food as I ate (it’s really designed for a multiple person household).  Plus my financial situation is such that laying out $500 at the beginning of the growing season is just not feasible, even though it ends up being cheaper in the long run.  I simply cannot come up with that much cash at once right now, or even do their payment plan.  

Instead, I was thinking of trying to grow as much of my own food as possible this year.  If I end up staying in my little house for the summer, I’ll dig up the remaining lawn, which will give me a garden approximately 14’x8′ plus my existing one that is around 5’x6′.  I’ll of course supplement what I can’t grow with the market.  I still need to put more thought into this, but at present, this is the direction I am leaning.

What would be even better is if I can find a house with a little more property, out of the city so I can also have some chickens.  Mmmm…. fresh eggs. I was just reading a neat blog (Farm Dreams) (there are so many great blogs out there!!!) where the author talks about how exciting it is to actually get eggs from your very own chickens.  I look forward to that day and hope it is not too far into the future.  That alone may make the horrendous experience of packing and moving worth while!


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