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Guelph Organics Conference & Trade Show

Edited to add: The 2010 Guelph Organics Conference and Trade show website is up and running!  Click here to explore – a whole new format and tons of interesting info, and even a mailing list to join so you can keep on top of what’s going on.  Take a minute to check it out!

Th 28th annual Guelph Organics Conference and Trade Show is taking place this weekend at Guelph University.  This is a very interesting event and worth attending if you are interested in organics.  The trade show offers a huge variety of the organic conceptualized, from organic seeds for your garden and books on biodynamic farming, to the more industrialized side of the term such as organic power bars.  And a whole lot of stuff in between.

I attended a session this morning, at which I actually gave a talk.  It was the first time I have presented on my research, and was a little nervous to do so.  However, I knew the venue would be friendly and attended by open minded foodies.  In short, a perfect audience to gain experience with.  My talk was well received and I quite enjoyed the other presentations as well.  I will write more about the discussion later, but right now I need to go to bed!  I only got 3 hours of sleep last night, between finishing my slides for the talk at 2am and needing to get up at 5am to arrive in Guelph on time.

The conference’s focus is predominantly on organic agriculture and most of it is very technically oriented towards farming.  I attended most of the conference last year, but found little to be really applicable for my own interests.  It is an expensive venue, so I opted not to stay beyond today, and as a result will be missing the trade show.  But it is all very worth attending if the topics are of interest.  It’s a well run, fun and friendly conference, with excellent presenters and information.

Last year I attended two presentations on biodynamics, which really caught my attention.  Given my dedication to homeopathy and homeopathic principles, a biodynamic approach to growing makes a lot of sense to me.  I hope to explore it further when I have a little more time to study things other than the hegemonic power structures of neoliberalism.

OK, time for bed.  Good night!


2 Responses

  1. Hi: the 2010 Guelph Organic Conference event is up and running.

    I hope you can update your info.

    Tomas/Conf. Mgr.
    (705) 444-0923

    • Hi Thomas – I updated this post and also put the link under “Future of Food” in the right-hand column. Great new website! I’m looking forward to attending the conference yet again this year.

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