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Rescue Update

Kess, my new foster, is a really, really nice puppy.  She’s about 6 months old, although so fat she looks older.  At the pound they thought she was closer to one, but all you have to do is watch her bounce around to know she’s much younger.  It’s sad to see a puppy this young and this out of shape, with a skin condition no less.  Clearly she had been fed some crappy puppy chow (I really need to write a post or two about food and pets!)  that caused her body to grow quickly and bloat, and try and detox through her skin.  She’s already starting to show a waist, but when I took her in, she needed to lose close to 10lbs!

Here you can see just how puppy she is:


In this photo you can really see how fat she is:
The two reasons the shelter deemed her ‘unadoptable’ were because she was being too submissive, and because she kept peeing and pooping in her run.  Clearly she was terrified, because she has not made a single mistake all week at my house, and as for being submissive… she’s soft, but no shrinking violet!  She even snapped at a Ross over a treat (big mistake).  

I have been feeding her a diet of fresh raw meats, organs and bones.  I could have just bought a bag of kibble, as after all, she’s not my dog.  But I chose not to, in part because of the skin condition and her need to build some real muscle, and in part because I hate having kibble in my house.  It is just such a pain with the cats, who are horrible carb junkies and will chew through containers and claw open doors and cupboards to get to it.  Besides, there are no locally sourced and produced processed dog foods!  A week into the switch and so far no diarrhea or any other transition problem (knock wood!). 

I’m not sure how long I’m going to have her, or how I’m going to find money to feed her (maybe someone will offer to sponsor her!).  But I’m going to take it one day at a time, play it by ear and see what happens.  My gut is telling me to just let things be for the moment, and let her have some time here. I’ll know when she’s ready to move on.  Right now, I think she’s quite enjoying her stay.   


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