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Hey Londoners! Here’s Fresh, Local Food in Winter!

Today I went to market to restock my kitchen with local food.  How is this possible, you ask, when the market is closed for the season?  Well, Rick Cornelissen of Eco-Logic farms has started a delivery service for the winter.  Rick is a regular at the market when the market is open, and this winter he is continuing to provide fresh, locally and sustainably produced food all winter.

I actually bought food from Rick last winter, meeting him whenever he had reason to come to town.  I was extremely grateful because, being a strict locavore, I don’t shop at grocery stores.  With a very few exceptions, I either find it locally (and ideally organically) produced, or I go without.  

This winter, Rick has started a weekly delivery service with a pick-up point right outside of Covent Gardens.  He sends a weekly mail-out a few days in advance, listing all the foods available and their prices.  You respond with what you want and he puts your order together.  You then meet him Saturday morning and pick up your food.  Easy, fresh and yummy!  Thanks Rick – you rock!

If you are interested in getting in touch with Rick  to place an order, or seeing what he has available in January, the information is all posted here on the blog Eat Local London – which I am delighted to have discovered and will now spend some time reading!


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