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More Photos!

I haven’t been on-line in a few days because it was just too gorgeous out to sit behind a computer if you don’t have to.  Which I didn’t, so I didn’t!  I will get back to actually writing on this blog again soon, maybe even later today.  But for the moment, here are a few photos from this weekend.  People seem to enjoy photos more anyway!  First, Hannah driving the sheep around the field:

One of Mira walking up on the sheep:

I was also working on driving with Mira, which meant my camera had to be in my pocket and my full attention on her and the sheep.  So the only other photo I have of her was taken after she was done working, and looking mighty pleased with herself!  And so she should – she’s really coming along nicely! (Isn’t she ridiculously cute? She’s a holy terror, but gives me this face and gets away with just about anything!)

After work comes play, and here are Ross and Mira thorouhgly enjoying a puddle they spotted before I did:

And remember what I was saying about mud?  When you have dogs, there are only three seasons: Winter, Summer, and Mud season (generally from Oct-Dec and again from Mar-May):

Finally, I received a complaint recently that my blog contains no photos of me!  Since it is important to keep my readers happy, I thought I’d try and rectify the situation.  Here are my attempts, using the self-timer on my camera.  Not the best photos of me in my filthy dog-training clothes, but good shots of the dogs at least!  Attempt #1 – Ross being a big goofball:

Attempt #2 – Ross being a big goofball, Mira wondering what the heck Ross is doing, Hannah getting bored:

Attempt #3, Ross being a big goofball, Mira wanting to go play, Hannah fondly remembering the days when she was free to run and play:

Attempt #4 – Success!  

3 Responses

  1. Great Family Photo!

  2. Great photos, I love how they are sequenced… and the dogs are so gorgeous! You can really see their individual personalities shining through.

  3. Brilliant – they are so fun!

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