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First Winter CSA Delivery

 I arrived home last night quite exhausted from my grueling day.  I never cease to be surprised by how much some of this work drains me.  The library job is fun, and when I work behind the desk I can go on for hours.  But reshelving books burns me out quickly – reading call numbers does something to my brain.  Good thing we get to mix things up throughout the shift.  My other job has been to proctor exams.  This is very easy money and but having to sit and stare at students writing tests for 2 or 3 hours non-stop is beyond tedious, especially when you have to do it multiple times in a row.  I would much rather be doing something than sitting there staring. Even ‘shelf reading’ – the task of carefully reading shelf after shelf of books in the stacks to make sure they are in the right oder – is less tiring than staring.  But we are ‘paid for our eyes’ and are forbidden to read or do anything else.  

Anyway, I got come very late last night, and much to my delight, I was greeted by a big, beautiful pumpkin on the doorstep:

Now we have three gorgeous pumpkins on our doorstep, all ready for Halloween, and then baking!  I need to find some pumpkin recipes…


Once inside, I found a box full of produce: brussel sprouts, a huge cabbage, several squashes, onions and garlic.  I thought, well that’s a good haul!  Then I saw the basket of potatoes.  Then I opened my fridge and found it stuffed full of fresh greens, and who knows what else!  I haven’t opened it all up yet.  So plenty of food, that’s for sure!  

Now to find time to cook it all.  I think I need to make one thing per day for the next little while and see if I can get this food business under control.  I still have three big bags of apples that need to be canned or turned into apple sauce, and at least 8 squashes left from the first CSA.  Not to mention those pumpkins. I guess it’s a good thing that it gets dark so early now, binding me to my house and thus my kitchen.  Now to find some new recipes…


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