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Fairmedow Farm Winter CSA

Thanksgiving marks the end of Orchard Hill CSA’s season, a season that felt like it just got started!  Not, I’m sure, for Ken and Martha and their working team at Orchard Hill.  I’ll bet the summer has been quite long enough for them!  But it seems to me that it was only last week that we received our first big batch of greens from the farm.  Every week since then has been an adventure, and Saturdays have taken on a new meaning: food day.  Every Saturday since May several bags of fresh produce has been delivered to my doorstep by one of my carpool friends.  And every Saturday has brought something new and interesting: tomatillos, red carrots, yellow beets, Scarlet Queens (a type of turnip), and so on.

Being a member of this CSA has been great on so many levels.  The food has been extraordinary and beyond abundant.  The people have been delightful.  The farm is always gorgeous and fascinating to visit, and the social ties that have emerged have been deeply meaningful.  Orchard Hill also does a wonderful job of adding a special touch.  Fresh cut-your-own flowers ever week, often supplemented by sun-flowers (sometimes red!) and gladiolas cut for us; fresh berries with pick-your-own for free as the season winds down; and just yesterday, a beautiful, huge pumpkin.

I really can’t say enough good things about this experience.  It’s been wonderful.

So wonderful, in fact, that I’ve decided to join a new CSA for the winter; Fairmedow Farm.  This CSA is run by Michelle Jory, who has apprenticed at Orchard Hill and now is running her own garden on land she is leasing from them.  Michelle apparently has a wonderful root cellar for keeping potatoes and such nice and fresh, and will also be including dried beans and other interesting items to help make the winter months more palatable.  I am really excited about this as last winter I tried to root cellar my own veggies – without a root cellar – with really dismal results.  Finding this CSA has been a real bonus as a locavore!

If you are interested in joining this CSA, I believe there may be a few spots left.  It doesn’t start up until the end of October, with bi-monthly pickups until around mid-January.  The cost to join is $250.

Only one household from my summer CSA carpool has joined along with me.  Fortunately, two more households we know have decided to joint the Winter one, so we are up to four.  Having the carpool arrangement really makes all the difference as much as I love going to the farm, the round trip is nearly 2 hours and I think would get a bit tiring if done weekly.  The winter CSA only has a pick-up every two weeks, so with four cars that means everyone only goes once every two months.  That’s about on par with what we did this summer, although I found excuses to go to the farm a few more times than that.  This Sunday will be another such trip as they are holding their autumn pot-luck, complete with a garden tour put on by Michelle.  I sure hope this gorgeous sunny weather holds until then!


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