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My “Supermarket”

This weekend it was my household’s turn to pick up the produce from Orchard hill and deliver it the other families who have joined with us.  There are five households in total, and I enjoy visiting with my friends as I drop off their food for the week.  As you might imagine, it ends up being a big chunk of the day, but it’s fun!  Food should be about the social and the collective, not just functional fueling of the body.

I took some photos this time, as I now have my own camera (birthday present – thanks grandma!).  Just for kicks, here’s a photo of a typical supermarket food aisle.  Mmm…. look at all the plastic and pretty colours not found in nature…yum!: 


Here’s what “shopping” at Orchard Hill is like.  The smaller building on the right is the “store”:


You walk in, and this is what you find.  The produce aisle – note the tomatillos, yellow tomotoes and red carrots, among other heirloom varieties you will never find in a supermarket:

The fresh herb section (note each container has a different kind of herb):


Cut flowers – always a nice touch and plenty more of different varieties in their ‘cut your own’ section of the garden outside:


The community message board and list of items, per share, for the week.  The work share sign-up is for CSA members who bought a working share (like we did).  This reduces the cost of your share in exchange for labour on the farm.  Each share requires 5 hours total of labour and the working time-slots are either the evening before or the morning of pick-up days.  That way share members are assisting in harvesting for their fellow CSA-ers.  My roommate and I are signed up for mid-September, first thing in the morning.  I’ll be sure to bring my camera then too!:


Restocking the carrots:


Garlic drying in the shade for future distribution.  One great bonus to this whole exercise is that I have learned some valuable tips on how to grow and harvest my own garden’s veggies.  I now have a (much smaller) bunch of garlic hanging like this from under my patio umbrella!

Finally, my little car, packed to the rafters with fresh produce.  Each purple bin contains one share.  As you can see, they are overflowing.  Considering that a single branch of gladiolas goes for $3 at the grocery store, this is not a bad haul for $22!!


So… where would you rather shop?


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