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The Blood of the Earth

Water is a fascinating substance.  It is the foundation of all life on earth, yet we know very little about it.  We know what temperature it freezes and boils at, but what else do we understand?  It really is a mystery.  Take, for example, homeopathy.  This is a science in which the energy of various plants, minerals and animals is transfered to water.  Each dilution actually makes the properties stronger – despite that making no sense whatsoever from a conventional scientific perspective.  And how exactly does this water maintain the properties of these substances when they have been diluted to the point of no longer being there?

We have no clue.  Indeed, ‘rational’ science says homeopathy can’t work.  But it does.  

I am not here to explain homeopathy, but raise this point to show how little we understand about the properties of water, and how it contributes to life on earth.  That we think water is merely the sum of its parts: H + H + 0, and not something greater or at least different, is clear in how we treat this precious substance with complete disregard.  We divert its streams and rivers to grow food where cacti should live, and dump our waste into its lakes and oceans.  We even heat our atmosphere such that water that should be solid has become liquid.

If you can take 100 drops of water, add a tiny piece of some plant, shake, then dilute that solution 50,000 times and still have the energy of that plant present, only much, much stronger than the original, what energy memory is being held in the water we abuse so badly?  What energy is being held in water we microwave, in the food we eat?  If the energy from that plant solution can have a very powerful impact on our physical and mental health, then how does polluted water affect us?  Sure we worry about toxins, but what more are we consuming, are we doing to ourselves and to our planet?

Yesterday I came across this very frightening article, which announced that the North Pole may completely melt this summer.  Amazingly, the debate around the disappearance of the polar ice cap is focused on who’s going to have rights to shipping lane and the resources found beneath.  Just what we need – more oil!  Good grief.  If we don’t run out soon, we’re going to be in serious trouble.  Isn’t anyone concerned about what impact this is going to have on our planet?  Because we kind of need it to stay more or less like it is to survive, and removing something like a polar ice cap is going to make that a challenge.

I’ve been wanting to learn more about the issues surrounding water for some time now.  Every time I take a shower or wash my dishes, I think to myself “am I some day going to regret having wasted this much water?”  As a Canadian, I find it hard to conceive of running out of water.  But we very well may face that in the not too distant future.  Maude Barlow of the Council of Canadians has written extensively on the issue of water, calling it the “greatest ecological and human rights crisis of our time.”  Here’s a recording of her March 2008 talk.  I have not listened to it yet but I’m hoping to make time in the next few days.  That article on the polar ice cap lit a fire under me to start researching this topic at long last.  I’ll write more as I learn more.


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