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Green Eggs & Ham

As you may have noticed,  my blog has once again changed colours.  As I type, I am sitting at my kitchen table with the back door wide open.  This gives me a view into my tiny little back yard, which opens into a much bigger lawn space that is communal to my housing complex.  As I look out, all I can see is green, green, GREEN!  Spring is definitely here, despite the chill still being in the air, especially at night.  So I thought it was time for me to change my blog background again, from the earthy colours of early spring to the one that I see as I look out the door.  Everything is bursting into life and I’m getting pretty excited about what the season will bring us.  Indeed, tomorrow is our first pick-up at Orchard Hill Farm CSA.  I can’t wait to go out there and visit the farm, and see what goodies I get to bring home!

Yesterday I drove to Waterloo to pick up my brother.  He was doing a guest lecture at the University of Waterloo (he’s a theoretical physicist) and then planned to spend the evening in London with me before heading home to Toronto.  Since public transportation is so terrible between here & Waterloo (the barely 100 km would have taken 3+ hours by bus!!) I opted to go pick him up. I recently ran into a dear friend from years ago who lives in Waterloo and had been looking for a good reason to visit.  So off to Waterloo I went.

This friend of mine – Heather – is a keen local food and farming advocate.  She is also a good friend of Janet Cox, who owns Stone Meadow Farm, an organic and naturally raised poultry farm.  Of course I was delighted to have the opportunity to visit, and visit we did.  They have all sorts of ducks and chickens and even some turkeys!  My favourites were the Indian Runner Ducks, who were very comical.  There were some newly hatched ducklings that we were allowed to pet, as well as a few other varieties of chicks.  I was kicking myself for not having a camera but I will definitely be going back!  In the meantime, here is a fantastic blog entry full of photos and descriptions from the delightful blog Seasonal Food Ontario.

I came home from Waterloo with an arm full of fresh rhubarb from Heather’s garden, and two dozen farm fresh eggs from Stone Meadow.  Many of these eggs were duck eggs, and instead of being brown or white, these eggs are…you guessed it – GREEN!  And as luck would have it, I happen to have some ham.  I now must sign off to make the breakfast of my childhood dreams.  Thanks for a wonderful evening Heather and Janet!


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