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Seeds of Success

My computer froze up about 10 days ago leaving me with very limited on-line capabilities. As most of you know I’m sure, working with a barely functional computer is beyond frustrating, and as such I  cut out all but the most urgent of my computer work during that time. I will endeavour to now get caught up…

Below are a few photos of my efforts at starting seeds. These photos were taken 7-8 days ago and I have to say, a lot has changed! I now have some sprouts so tall that I had to take the lids off the smaller containers. The cucumbers, squash and sunflowers are close to 4 inches tall with big green leaves. They are so cheerful! I will need to transplant them into larger pots over the next couple of days. The tomatoes are all very tiny still, but nearly every one has sprouted. I’ve only had a few not germinate, but I’ll give those a little more time yet…

The biggest lesson learned so far is that I’ll plant the aforementioned fast growing seeds in the tall dome, and put the tomatoes in the short ones. I have had to take the domes off several of the containers leaving the young seedlings in dryer and cooler air than I probably should have them in, and – much more importantly – vulnerable to my plant killing cats! I keep them locked out of my room when I’m not in it, but all it will take is one slip-up and I could loose my whole crop. I will probably move them to a friend’s art studio to mature for the next month rather than risk that.

Putting recycling to good use:

Putting recycling to good use!

The “professional”set-up (cost = $8 with 6 inch dome lid):

My bedroom window, which now actually holds even more mini-greenhouses. Note ample space left for cats who would otherwise try and land on top of the domes…:

Day 3 – activity already! (beets)

And not a minute too soon either, as this is what is left of my winter store of potatoes and onions. So much for a file cabinet doubling as a root cellar!


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