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First day of Spring

Looking outside at the falling snow, grey sky, and ice and crusty snowbanks all around, I have a hard time really believing that today is the first day of spring.  But it is, and that means that I have officially made it through the winter.  Yeah!  I thought I’d give my blog a little ‘spring cleaning’ overhaul to celebrate.

You know what?  It really wasn’t that hard.  Of course I have not kept 100% to the diet (read my Confessions for more details), but I have strictly kept to bringing only locally grown or produced food into my house throughout the winter, and since August 01 for that matter.  Now that it is my routine, I really don’t find it to be that much trouble.  In fact I really enjoy my Saturday morning routine of going to market, where I meet friends for (fair trade organic) coffee and breakfast, and then chat with the various vendors who are starting to recognize me as a regular. 

One of the reasons I think this has been fairly easy for me is that I am a very simple eater.  I have read many accounts of journalists and other bloggers complaining about how they never want to see another turnip again, but I am fortunate to be completely content with a very simple diet.  It is in fact rather ironic that food has become my life as I have never been particularly fussed about food.  When younger I used to complain about having to eat, and was perfectly satisfied with a cup of coffee and a Power Bar (the original ones that taste like cardboard) as means of keeping myself going.

Not so anymore.  Now I love food.  But I love it for how it makes me feel, and for its potential in rebuilding community and social interaction.  I love it for the experiment of growing my own, and for getting me out into my garden every day of the growing season.  And because of all that, I love what is in my fridge, even if it’s only turnips and potatoes for several months.  That’s just fine with me.  Besides, it’s not just turnips and potatoes – as long as you are willing to eat animal products (it difficult if not impossible to eat locally without animal products) you can have cheese and milk and yogurt and meats and eggs.  Plus bread and any veggies and fruit canned, frozen or preserved over the summer. 

So all that to say, I think I ate very well all winter, and in fact my freezer still has a lot in it that I need to concertedly eat up before May so I can make room for the next season’s bounty.  Of course that is still a good 6-8 weeks away, and maybe by then I’ll be sick of turnips.


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