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Winter Cravings

Tonight I opened one of my three precious jars of peaches.  A friend gave them to me at Christmas from her pantry.  I didn’t do any canning last summer and boy do I regret it now!  I was actually afraid to try canning.  My mother gave me a big lecture on the dangers of botulism and that scared me off.  But as I sit here with a pantry barren of fruit, I see the folly of my actions (or lack thereof). 

So far I have been really eating well on this 100-mile style diet.  All summer and fall there has been more than enough to eat, with new things coming into season just as I have become tired of gorging on the latest ripe fruit or vegetable.  But now things are getting tough.  It’s the end of January and I’m dependent almost entirely on my own stores for vegetable matter.   The cupboard is starting to look bare – and bland – I am worried that I’m not going to make it until May.

I have never been one to diet and mostly just eat what I feel like eating when I feel like eating.  This past summer, all I wanted was fruit and vegetables.  I had purchased some new bar-b-q accessories in June, but I didn’t put them to use until the cool evenings of September perked up the carnivore in me.  Without realizing it or planning on it, I had eaten exclusively vegetarian for the entire summer.  I had also unconsciously completely stopped eating bread.

All that changed with the cool weather.  By November I was eating meat once or twice a day, and craving carbs like there was no tomorrow.  I indulged, especially since I wanted to save my store of frozen vegetables and fruit preserves for as long as possible.

I only started wanting fresh greens this week.  I haven’t even thought of salad in months, and suddenly that’s all I want.  Salad and fruit.  My body’s vitamin and chlorophyll stores from the summer apparently have suddenly run out.

Tonight I found myself craving raspberries.  Fortunately I have several jars of raspberry preserves that I made with just the berries and honey.  It’s quite tasty.  I opened a jar with the intention of having a little taste.  Instead, I ate the whole jar.  I started by mixing some in with some plain yogurt.  Eventually I ran out of yogurt, and I finished the jam off with a spoon.  I then had to open my canned peaches and have some of those too.  So much for rationing.  Maybe I need to start taking some vitamin C supplements!

So here I sit, dreaming of all the canning I am going to do next summer to make sure this doesn’t happen again.  I knew very well that it would probably take me a few times through this to work the kinks out of eating local all year round.  I should probably find some way to calculate how much I need, and thus how much I should put away.  I also will have to be braver and try methods of preservation other than freezing and preserving.  There’s just so much space in my freezer, and only so much jam I can eat.  Although tonight I discovered that I can eat a lot more jam than I thought!  Good thing too, as that may be all I have left come March!



2 Responses

  1. I too have eaten preserves by the spoonful – there is no shame in that. Think of it as a low-carb version of jam on toast. 🙂

    I am loving your new blog and would like to learn how to preserve fruit if you have time to teach me next summer!


  2. Glad to know I’m not alone in my indulgences. I just opened my first jar of peach & honey jam – yum! I ate it with some trepidation as the top inch was a bit darker than the rest. But I didn’t get sick, so I guess it’s botulism free, ha ha!

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